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October 2017

Promoting your child's early literacy is so important to their future academic success. Recent studies have shown that kids who start school with a higher level of early literacy skills are most likely to achieve greater academic success. Parents are the child's first teachers in life and that is why it is very crucial for them to take part in helping them learn how to...

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Children are learning and developing quickly. They are playing, experimenting and learning. They are also starting to get a sense of their identity and how they are different from others through play. Children benefit from being at a daycare or a playgroup during a young age. Playgroups or daycares helps develop the children’s learning capabilities in an informal setting. This also helps in preparing them...

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Welcome to the month of October!     SNCA will be closed on Monday, October 9th for Columbus Day!     10/20- PINK OUT DAY –Bake Sale to raise money for this cause!     10/31- Halloween Celebration- Costumes are welcomed! No scary masks or face painting please. Look for party sign-up sheets in your child’s classroom!       Infants:   This month we will be working with our older infants on self-feeding, increase mobility, and free standing....

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