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August Newsletter East Greenwich


Welcome to the month of August!


This month we will have the bouncy house here on Wed. Aug. 16 for the classrooms in toddlers up to the Kindergarten classroom.


Pre-K and Kindergarten will be going on a field trip to the Zoo on Thursday, Aug. 17. *If you have not returned the permission slip for your child, please do so*


The Mad Scientist will be here for the rooms in Older Toddlers through Kindergarten.


We will be closed on Monday Aug. 14 for VJ day.


Our Fall program will start again on Monday, Aug. 28.


The first day of  Kindergarten will be on Wednesday, Aug. 30th.


Celebrating a birthday this month is Ms. Sherry our Curriculum Coordinator on 8/10, Ms. Stefanie in Infants on 8/11 and Ms. Samantha our floater on 8/13.  Happy Birthday!!





This month we will be working our sense of self and others by focusing attention on others, smiling back and forth with our peers, babbling, cooing and reaching for objects. We will also be exploring literacy opportunities with different types of books. We will be exploring soft books, turning pages in books and moving pieces in board books.


Family Engagement: Please bring in a photo of your family participating in their favorite summer activity.


Classroom Special Events: We will be having an end of the summer pajama party on Friday, August 25th!!





This month we will be learning to distinguish between wet and dry through sensory exploration. We will also be working on our gross motor skills by climbing or jumping over different objects.


Family Engagement: This month we will be having a Pajama Party!! We are asking parents to bring in their child’s favorite snack to share with the class as well.


Classroom Special Events: We will have a pajama day party to celebrate the end of summer on Friday 8/18!!


Happy first birthday to… Bryson on 8/13!!



Young Toddlers:


This month the children will be working on identifying letters and making letter sound connections. We will be doing this by initiating the sounds of animals and people in books. We will also be working on using numbers to comparing quantities and solving problems. We will be doing  this by verbalizing or signing the “want more ” sign in sign language.


Family Engagement Activity: Please bring in pictures of your family doing their favorite summer activity.


Classroom Special Events: August 25th-End of the Year Summer  Ice Cream Party!!


Happy birthday to… Emily on 8/16 and to Lia on 8/20!!



Older Toddlers:


This month we will be working on having the children become increasingly able to identify unsafe situations and gradually learn strategies for responding to them.  For example, understanding when adults say “stop”. We will also be working on our self help skills, by washing our hands properly, sitting on the toilet, putting shoes on, and eating with a spoon and fork opposed to using hands.


Family Engagement Activity: Please bring in your favorite family summer picture.


Classroom Special Events: End of the Summer Party Friday August 25th!!


Happy Birthday to… Daniel M on 8/8, and Cora on 8/12!!



3’s Preschool:


This month we will be learning about different types of animals that live in the zoo and in other habitats such as the rainforest. We will also be reviewing shapes this month to prepare for the fall through games and hands on centers.


Family Engagement Activity: Summer Buddy Busy Bag continued!! See teachers with any questions!!


Classroom Special Events: See calendar for summer activities!! End of the Summer Pajama Party Friday August 25th!!



4’s Preschool:


This month we will be learning about the rainforest and understanding the characteristics of and differences between habitats for people and for animals. We will also be working on using scissors and how to hold them, along with holding a pencil with the proper grip.


Family Engagement Activity: Please draw a picture of your favorite zoo animal.


Classroom Special Events: We will be making S’mores  on August 17th for an afternoon treat.


Happy birthday to… Sophia V on 8/5, Leona on 8/8, Benjamin on 8/22, Hudson 8/25, and Jewel 8/26!!





This month we will continue to explore the rainforest and the animals that live there to understand the characteristics of and differences between their habitats. We will also explore our five senses by making simple predictions and plans to carry out investigations.


Family Engagement Activity: What’s your favorite Rainforest animal?? Work with your child to draw him or herself in the rainforest next to their favorite animal.


Classroom Special Events: August 25th- End of the Summer Party!!


Happy birthday to… Trinity on 8/9 and Angelina on 8/31!!





This month we will be having the children work on exploring the characteristics of objects and materials that are living, non-living, man made or naturally occurring. We will also be exploring creative arts by experimentation and participation.


Family Engagement Activity: The Egg Drop Project has been rescheduled to the first week of August. We will be performing the experiment with the creative egg baskets as children bring them in.


Classroom Special Events: Rainforest scavenger hunt on August 4th!! Come to school dressed for an animal safari as we will be having an animal scavenger hung on Friday!!


Happy birthday to… Dylan on 8/29!!