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August Newsletter Warwick

Welcome to August!

This month we have a lot of special events!






















This month our infants will be experiencing sensory, touch and feel, shake and rattle beads and bottles. We will also continue water play and adding bubbles for the babies to feel.


Family Engagement- On 8/24, at 1:30 we are inviting our families to join us for snack time and asking that you bring something to share with friends; yogurt melts, yum yums, puffs. All are welcome to join us!


Happy Birthday to… Gabriel 8/28! Enjoy your day!




This month we will focus on science. The children will learn to plan for and carry out investigations and collect, evaluate, and communicate information. The children will also learn to order and sort objects by common attributes, to identify patterns, and to predict the next sequence in a pattern.


Family Engagement- Please remember to bring in family pictures so we can display in our classroom!



Young Toddlers-


This month we will focus on Language Development. We will work with the children on using their manners; please and thank you. We will also focus on Cognitive Development as we work on simple tasks such as clean up time and matching items to the pictures on the shelves.


Family Engagement- This month we will be sending home an ice cream cone for you to decorate and bring back for us to display.



Older Toddlers-


This month the children will work on developing self help skills. They will work on picking up after themselves at meal times, putting their own cups away, and throwing away their own trash. We will also focus on Literacy this month.


Family Engagement Activity- VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE ANIMAL!


Happy Birthday to… Jack 8/29 Enjoy your day!



3’s Preschool-


This month we will work with the children and explore the world around us, providing simple descriptions of objects and events based on their observations of natural science. We will continue to work in Social Studies and the understanding that there may be different rules for different contexts.


Family Engagement- Each child will be sent home with a summer journal page to work on with families showing us a drawing of what fun or special things they have done so far this summer and capture in their own words the same.


Happy Birthday to… Kaley 8/15 and Trinity 8/28 Enjoy your day!



4’s Pre-K-


This month we will be learning about many different types of animals and their habitats. The children will be exploring the characteristics of both the animals and their habitats. The children will also be comparing and contrasting them. The Children will also be experimenting with different creative art materials to make their favorite animals.


Special Events- 8/17 Zoo Field Trip $20 Please return permission slip along with payment to the office. Please see our list of summer events to find out what else is happening this month!


Family Engagement- If you have not done so already, please take a minute to fill out the “All Bout My Child” form. It is a great way for me to learn more about each child and their family. Please also remember to leave your e-mail address on the sign- up sheet on the classroom door. Throughout the year, I will be sending out important reminders about classroom events and photographs taken during our day.





This month we will be on a “safari” while exploring about the rainforest and the creatures that live there. We will also be exploring about the zoo and various animals that can be seen at a zoo. We will even get to visit at Roger Williams Zoo! Lots of science and language learning to do! In addition, we will be working on following directions and being self-sufficient in preparation for Kindergarten!


Family Engagement- In order to help your child be ready for Kindergarten very soon, at home, help him/her learn some important self-help skills like practice opening snacks that they will enjoy at school, zippers for jackets, backpacks, and lunch boxes.


Ask your child to practice writing his/her name (first and last). You can play an alphabet scavenger hunt with them when you go out to the market and ask them to look for and identify different letters that they know. This can also be done with numbers too.


Finally, practice shoe tying- (the kindergarten teachers will love this!)


Happy Birthday to… Ms. Kelly 8/14 Enjoy your day!!!



Here’s to another great month of learning and fun! Thank you for your continued help and support!