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Author: storksne

  The primary goal of learning how to read for a child is not merely the recognition of letters and their sounds but understanding their meaning as well. The best way of preparing your child for reading success is introducing him or her to reading long before formal schooling begins.   Children who have experienced the stimulation of being read to by someone at an early age have...

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Welcome to the month of November!     *SNCA will be closed the following days, 11/10-Veteran’s Day and 11/23 & 11/24- Thanksgiving Holiday     *On November 7th, the children will be having their individual and class pictures taken! Look for forms in your child’s cubby!     *Thank you to all who participated in our Pink Out Day! We raised $240 for the Pink Heals organization!     *If you...

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Promoting your child's early literacy is so important to their future academic success. Recent studies have shown that kids who start school with a higher level of early literacy skills are most likely to achieve greater academic success. Parents are the child's first teachers in life and that is why it is very crucial for them to take part in helping them learn how to...

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