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As we enter the final days of summer why not get out with the family and try some of these cool events going on in the Ocean State.    Oh no! Summer '17 is coming to an end. Can you even believe it? Don't be too sad because we have been digging a little deeper to find some super fun events to close out a great summer....

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As summer has continued on I'm sure many of your routines (as mine) have slowly been falling apart. Busy summer plans seem to cause eating out and not eating healthy to be happy more often.   During the school year it is much easier to pack healthy snacks for the kiddos and send them to school, but it is very important to keep your kids healthy all...

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Running out of super fun ways to keep your kids entertained this summer? It seems like every family outing is costing big $$$$ these days. The Stork’s Nest Child Academy is pleased to share 8 free fun filled summer activities with you and your family! The summer is more than half way over and with these FREE activities we can do this!   Jump aboard the sunken...

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From hiding at bedtime, to splashing me with water when they're in the tub, my kids think it's absolutely hilarious to play pranks on me. This April Fools' Day, I’m turning the tables on them with these tame, but totally fun, and kid-friendly April Fools pranks. I scoured the internet for the best pranks that will have YOU laughing all day.   1. The night before, after...

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