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December Newsletter East Greenwich

December Newsletter East Greenwich

Welcome to the month of December!


On behalf of all the Stork’s Nest teachers and myself, we would like to wish you and all of your families a happy Hanukkah and a very Merry Christmas!


Child Outreach will be here screening the children that reside in Exeter or West Greenwich and are 3years old or older. They will be here doing their free screening on 12/8. Permission slips have gone out, please return them to the office as soon as possible.


All gifts for the children that were on our adoption giving tree are due back on Monday, 12/11. For all of the parents that were able to help, thank you!


We will be closed on Monday 12/25 and Tuesday, 12/26 for the Christmas holiday.


Staff celebrating a birthday this month is Ms. Kyrie in older toddlers on 12/3, and Ms. Cara our nurse on 12/16! Happy birthday.





This month infants will be working on science! We will be exploring the different characteristics of water, ice and snow. We will also talk about how cold the ice is. Infants will also be working on creative arts this month. We will explore paint on our hands and feet along with exploring pom poms.


Classroom Special Events:  Pajama party on 12/21/17, wear your favorite holiday pajamas. Look for a holiday sign up sheet in the classroom.


Family Engagement Activity: Please let us know what are some of your favorite books to read to your child. We are looking to expand our classroom library.







Children notice and discriminate the sounds of spoken language L1A. Children demonstrate book awareness and knowledge of basic print. They understand that print carries meaning and spoken words are represented by text. We will be expanding our vocabulary words and having the children explore and enjoy their classroom books.


Family Engagement Activity:  Please bring in your child’s favorite Holiday book for us to share with the other children.


Classroom Special Events:  N Friday, 12/22 will be our holiday pajama party. Please bring a change of clothes for outside play.




Young Toddlers:


Young children use increasingly complex vocabulary, grammar and syntax to express thoughts and needs LD2A. Children develop large muscle control strength and coordination. We will be working on both of these standards.


Family Engagement Activity: We will be sending home a snowman for each family. Please decorate it with your child in any way that you choose and bring it back for us to decorate around the room


Classroom Special Event: Dec. 22 is our Holiday Pajama party!



Older Toddlers/Young 3s:


The standards we will be working on this month will be math and social emotional. In math (5A) identify shapes and their attributes, learning to match shapes, color and complete puzzles. In social emotional (3A) children develop the confidence to complete an action successfully or independently.


Family Engagement Activity: Sign up to read your favorite Holiday story to our class.


Classroom Special Events: Christmas party Dec. 22!


Happy birthday to… Michaela on 12/2, Theodore on 12/6 and Marisel on 12/12!





The standards we will be focusing on this month will be math and language. For math, we will be counting up to five objects accurately, name and identify written names. In language, we will be able to recognize and identify most of the letters in our names.


Family Engagement Activity: Bring in your favorite holiday recipe for a special project. All recipes need to be in by Friday, Dec. 15th.


Classroom Special Events: Pajama holiday party on 12/22!






This month our class will be leaning about Holidays around the world to appreciate and become aware of other family traditions and cultures. We will also be learning about “still art”. We will be learning, enjoying and engaging in visual art and display the beautiful results around the classroom.


Family Engagement Activity: We will be sending home a Christmas stocking for you to decorate and bring back to hang in our classroom.


Classroom Special Events: Dec. 22 will be our pajama party and special movie day.






This month we will be learning about how other cultures celebrate Christmas and talk about different Christmas traditions. We will also discuss the different holidays that occur in the month of December.


Family Engagement:  Please let us know what is your favorite family Christmas tradition.



Classroom Special Events Holiday Chorus on 12/21 Polar Express pajama party on 12/22.





K-Prep and Kindergarten:


Social Studies: self, family and community. Children gain awareness of how they relate to their family and community, understand social roles and responsibilities and recognize and respect similarities and differences in people. Creative Arts- experimenting and participation in the creative arts. Children gain an appreciation for and participate in the creative arts.


Family Engagement Activity:  Please join us for a Holiday chorus on 12/20. The class will be singing an assortment of holiday songs


Classroom Special Events: Holiday Chorus 12/20 from 3:00 to 3:30. Polar Express day, 12/21, wear your pajamas and get ready for a day filled with fun, ending with popcorn and a movie. Holiday feast on 12/22, please see a sign up sheet in our room.



Here’s to another great month of learning and fun! Thank you for your continued help and support!