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February Newsletter East Greenwich

February Newsletter East Greenwich

Welcome to the month of February!


This month we will be having a Family Art Night on Feb. 6 from 5:15 to 6:15. This event will be open to all of the parents and their children in toddlers through Kindergarten. Please come and enjoy a fun night participating in special activities with your child and meet some of your child’s friends and their parents. Each classroom has a sign up list for this special day.


Child Outreach for North Kingstown will be here screening the children that are 3 years old or older on Feb. 7 and 8. Permission slips have gone out. If you have not received one please stop by the office.


Celebrating a birthday this month is Ms. Erin in toddlers on 2/24. Happy Birthday!!





This month we will be concentrating on fine motor skills and gross motor skills. We will be working on helping the babies strengthening their neck muscles, sitting up, crawling and being able to grab different objects. We would also like to welcome all our new friends and families to our room.


Classroom Special Events:  We will be celebrating Valentine’s day on 2/14. Wear red, pink or white on this day.


Family Engagement Activity:


Happy birthday to… Annabelle on 2/24!






This month we will be working on engaging children on structured and unstructured physical activity. Children develop small muscle control, strength and coordination.


Family Engagement Activity: What is your child’s favorite thing to eat? Share the recipe and we will put it in a cookbook for all our parents.


Classroom Special Events:  Valentine’s day party on Wed. Feb. 14th. Sign up sheet will be in the classroom.




Young Toddlers:


This month we will be working on social and emotional. Children develop trust and engage positively with adults who are familiar and present in the child’s life. The children will be encouraged to interact and getting to know the new friends in the room. We will also be working on language development and receptive language. Children attend to, understand and respond to giving simple tasks to follow.



Classroom Special Event: Valentine’s Day- bring in a red item to eat for snack.


Happy birthday to… Emily on 2/22.



Older Toddlers/Young 3s:


This month we will be working on literacy, repeating words in rhymes and repeating phrases of familiar songs. We will also continue on working on fine motor skills and encourage children to develop writing and drawing skills.


Family Engagement Activity: Look for our Valentine’s day breakfast sign up sheet.


Classroom Special Events:  2/14- special Valentine’s day breakfast and pajama party.


Happy birthday to… Colt on 2/11 and Liam on 2/13.





This month we will be working on Literacy.(L2A)Recognize and identify a few letters in their own name. (SE1B) We will be working on understanding how to take turns during play with other children with adult guidance and assistance.


Classroom Special Events:  2 Valentine’s day party on Wed. 2/14. Please look for a sign up sheet in the classroom.


Family Engagement Activity: Family Art Night on Feb. 6. Please stop by our classroom for a fun art project!






This month we will be learning about our body and our own unique characteristics. We will also concentrate on what qualities make a good friend. We will be making a friendship wreath to hang around our classroom.


Family Engagement Activity: We will be sending home a strawberry heart craft to decorate. Please bring it back so we can decorate the room for our Valentine’s day party.


Classroom Special Events: 2/14 Valentine’s day party for afternoon snack. Look for a sign up sheet.





This month we will be learning about healthy foods and the 5 food groups in order to keep our bodies strong and healthy. We will also talk about love and friendship and what it means to be a good friend, by noticing and showing concern for peer’s feelings.


Family Engagement:  Please continue with the Family Activity bag, the theme is still winter.


Classroom Special Events Valentine’s day party on 2/14. Please look for a sign up sheet in the room


K-Prep and Kindergarten:


This month we will be working on mathematics with number sense and quantity. Children develop number recognition and counting skills and learn the relationship between numbers and the quantity they represent. In social studies, we will be working with self, history and geography. Children understand the concepts of time (past, present and future) and place.


Family Engagement Activity:  Valentine’s day bake and pretzel sale on 2/13 and 2/14. Exploring Geography with Flat Stanley. We will be sending Flat Stanley home by Feb. 2nd so you can choose where he can be sent. American Presidents- Research 2 fun facts about a president of your choice. Famous African Americans Research- research why the person you chose is famous.


Classroom Special Events: 100th day celebration!! On Feb. 9th dress like you are 100 years old, as well as bring in a large gallon storage bag.



Here’s to another great month of learning and fun! Thank you for your continued help and support!