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February Newsletter Smithfield

February Newsletter Smithfield

Welcome to the month of February!

We would like to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. Have a great time spent with loved ones!!
Don’t forget to join us for our Art night Feb 7th from 5-6. We would like to wish this staff member a very Happy Birthday: 2/25 Miss Marisa (crawlers).




Infant Room A and B:


Children will develop small muscle control and coordination. Children will also learn about number sense and quantity.



Family Engagement: Valentines exchange. (teacher will provide a list of names)



Classroom Special Events: Miss Melissa and Miss Cara side will be having a Valentine’s Day snack




Infant Room C:


Children will sustain physical activity for at least 3-5 minutes at a time. Children will also demonstrate an awareness of and an interest in the sounds of spoken language by focusing on the speaker.



Family Engagement: Valentine’s Day card exchange



Classroom Special Events: Valentine’s Day art.



Happy birthday to… Saylor 2/17



Crawler Room A and B:


Young children use increasingly complex vocabulary, grammar and syntax to express thoughts and needs through learning and practicing new words and simple signs. Children will also increase in filtering impulses and sustaining attention on task by participating in a variety of structured activities.



Classroom Special Events: Valentine’s Day Party Feb 14th, Art Night Feb 7th



Family Engagement: Decorate a cut-out heart



Happy birthday to…  Miss Marisa 2/25





Young Toddlers A Room:



Children will learn to identify shapes. We will be matching heart shapes big and small. Children will also hold onto information in their mind and manipulate it to perform tasks.



Classroom Special Events: On Valentine’s Day we will be making special treats to send home for mom and dad



Family Engagement: We will be sending home 2 hearts. I am asking parents to write on each one something they love most about their child then return to use as a border for the parent board.




Young Toddlers B Room:



Children will sort objects and then count and compare the groups formed. Children will also add and subtract with sets of objects smaller than three.


Classroom Special Events: Valentine’s Day pajama party!



Family Engagement: W A heart will be sent home to decorate for Valentine’s Day.





Older Toddlers Room:


Children will use spatial cues to find or describe the location of objects. Children will also stop a behavior in response to directions by an adult.



Classroom Special Events: Valentine’s day party



Family Engagement: Decorate a heart that will be sent home, write down names that are special to them.



Happy birthday to… 2/12 Alex





Three’s Room:


Children will develop self help skills. The children will practice putting on their own coats and hat. Children will also engage in positive relationships and interactions with other children.



Family Engagement: Build a Snowman



Classroom Special Events: Friendship Party!



Happy birthday to… Camden 2/17



Pre-K Classroom:


Children will develop self help skills. They will demonstrate independence in personal self-care skills. Children will also use increasingly complex vocabulary, grammar, and syntax to express thoughts and needs, experiment with using new words in conversations.



Family Engagement: Heart Creation



Classroom Special Events Art Night 2/7 from 5-6.





K-Prep Classroom:



Children learn to use numbers to compare quantities and solve problems. Children will also develop the confidence to compare actions successfully and independently.



Family Engagement: D Literacy winter book bag and math activity bag.



Classroom Special Events: Valentine’s Day celebration and card swap. Wednesday Feb 14th please do not label cards to make it easier for kids to pass out independently. Wear pink and red. Our 100th day of school celebration!



Happy birthday to… 2/5 Ava A, 2/6 Sophie P.

Here’s to another great month of learning and fun! Thank you for your continued help and support