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February Newsletter Warwick

February Newsletter Warwick

Welcome to the month of February!



Thank you to all our families who filled out our parent surveys. We appreciate your feedback!



We would like to welcome all our families on Wednesday, February 7th from 5:00-6:00 for family art night. There are sign-up sheets in each classroom. Please take a minute to sign up so we can plan accordingly.





This month our younger infants will be encouraged to roll both ways (front to back and back to front) as well as getting into sitting position without help while lying down or crawling.
Our older infants will engage in turn taking interactions, such as peek a boo. We will also practice “conversing” with familiar adults by imitating or making faces at adults who make faces at them.



Classroom Special Events: This month we will be making special Valentines!



Family Engagement: On February, 14th we are having wear your pajamas to school day!


Happy birthday to… Nurse Julie 2/16 Enjoy your day!






This month our focus will be on language development. The children will demonstrate book awareness and knowledge of basic print conventions; they understand that print carries meaning and spoken words are represented by text. We will also work on understanding and using appropriate social and conversational rules.



Family Engagement: Please join us for Art Night on 2/7! There is a sign-up sheet on the door so we can plan accordingly!



Classroom Special Events: Valentine’s Day Party- 2/14 Look for a sign-up sheet. Family Art Night 2/7- All are Welcome!



Young Toddlers:


This month we will focus on social and emotional development. The children will engage in positive relationships and interactions with their peers and work on taking turns. We will also focus on physical health and motor development as the children engage in structured and unstructured physical activity throughout the day.



Family Engagement: This month we will be sending home a heart for you to decorate with your child. Please return it back to the class so we can display!



Classroom Special Events:  We will be having a Valentine’s Day Party on 2/14! A sign-up sheet will be posted in the classroom!



Happy birthday to… Daniel 2/1 and Ben 2/11! Enjoy your day!



Older Toddlers:



This month we will be working on math recognition. We will be doing this through games, circle time, and puzzles. Our goal is for all the children to recognize basic shapes. We will also focus on social and emotional development as the children work on using their words to express our emotions and opinions.



Family Engagement: On February 7th, we will be having an Art Night from 5-6. Please sign up in our classroom if you plan on attending. We look forward to seeing you there!


Classroom Special Events: On 2/14, we will be having a Valentine’s Day Party! Don’t forget to wear your Red or Pink!


Happy birthday to… Jackson 2/18 Enjoy your day!



3’s Preschool:


With the upcoming winter Olympics, we will focus learning on physical health and motor development where the children will engage in structured and unstructured physical activity/ Olympic events. We will also work on social studies with history, learning about our Presidents and some of our most historical structures.



Family Engagement: With the Olympics being a large part of our learning, we encourage families to watch the game or highlights to help with introduction of many of these sporting activities.



Classroom Special Events: Valentine’s Day Party- 2/14 Look for sign-up sheet and email for details.



Happy birthday to… Madden 2/19! Enjoy your day!




4’s Pre-K:


We have a lot happening this month! We will be learning about the Winter Olympics and having our how Pre-K Winter Games! Winter is the perfect time to engage in structured and unstructured physical activity both inside and outside. We will also be learning about the human body. The children will be comparing and contrasting the different systems of the body and learning about their functions.



Family Engagement: Family Art Night will be Wednesday, February 7th from 5-6. Please join us for some creative art activities and lots of fun! If you would like to join us, please sign up on the list provided on the classroom door.



Classroom Special Events: 2/14 will be our Valentine’s Day Party. The children are welcome to exchange cards and I will be sending out a class list with more information the week of February 5th. Don’t forget to wear your Patriots gear on Friday, February 2nd to support the Pats as they head to the SUPERBOWL!



Happy birthday: Ms. Brenda 2/17! Enjoy your day!





This month we will focus on mathematics. The children will develop number recognition and counting skills and learn the relationship between numbers and the quantity they represent. Developing number sense and quantity will prepare the children for entering Kindergarten with a strong mathematical knowledge base. The children will also focus on cognitive development as they apply strategies and draw upon past knowledge and experiences to meet goals and solve problems. Helping children use new skills they learned with prior knowledge, will assist in their learning by helping them develop a new schema about different topics and promote new learning.



Family Engagement: This month we will be learning all about the winter Olympics! Sit together with our child and watch a few of the broadcasted Olympic events on TV to help them develop new ideas and background knowledge on this infrequent opportunity that they most likely have never seen before. Talk with your child about the different events.



Classroom Special Events: 2/7- Family Art Night. 2/14-Valentine’s Day Party



Happy birthday: Milani 2/15, Emily 2/20, Ms. Leah 2/22.. Enjoy your day!

Here’s to another great month of learning and fun! Thank you for your continued help and support!