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Ha! Ha! April Fools!

Ha! Ha! April Fools!

From hiding at bedtime, to splashing me with water when they’re in the tub, my kids think it’s absolutely hilarious to play pranks on me. This April Fools’ Day, I’m turning the tables on them with these tame, but totally fun, and kid-friendly April Fools pranks. I scoured the internet for the best pranks that will have YOU laughing all day.


1. The night before, after everyone goes to bed, turn as many things upside down as you can, including framed pictures, clocks, chairs and toys.


2. Using face paint or washable markers, draw a mustache on your victim, ummm, I mean, your kids, while they are sleeping.


3. Wait until your kids are asleep and then quietly move them into each other’s beds. When they wake up, take photos of their surprised faces.


4. Put whoopee cushions under your baby’s highchair mat, under your kindergartner’s booster seat or car seat cover and you are sure to get some gassy giggles. I’m planning to even put one on my husband’s favorite chair.


5. Take all the batteries out of the remote or place tape in front of the sensor on the top of it and laugh while your kids try to watch their favorite shows.


6. Turn your child’s favorite drink into a solid with powdered gelatin. Better yet, make some Jell-o in the kids’ drink cups complete with a straw and watch them try to drink it with hilarious results!


7. Stick googly eyes on your kid’s foods when you’re packing their school lunches. When they open up their bags, they’ll find their lunches are staring back at them. Bonus points if you do this to all the food in the fridge!

8. Write “April Fools!” on a helium balloon and stick it in the toilet with the lid closed. When your child opens the lid in the morning, they’ll be startled and confused.


9. Place an elastic over the spray nozzle in your kitchen faucet, then have your child turn it on. Watch him or her get soaked. This is one that I love to do to my husband randomly throughout the year!


10. Place a few drops of food coloring into their cereal bowl, or cup, then add milk or water and watch it turn a crazy color.


11. Put a bowl of your kid’s favorite cereal and milk in the freezer overnight, put it out for them right before breakfast, then watch as your unsuspecting kid clanks a spoon against the frozen milk.


12. Switch the bags inside two boxes of cereal. The more different, the better. I’m thinking of switching our Frosted Flakes with Bran Flakes.


13. Swab the inside of the bathtub faucet with colored food gel dye. When your child turns the handle, they’ll get a big surprise at bath time.


14. Put vegetables in Dunkin Donuts Munchkins boxes.


15. Borrow a summer camp classic and short sheet your kid’s bed before bedtime—when he tries to get in, you’ll have the last laugh.