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January Newsletter East Greenwich

January Newsletter East Greenwich

Welcome to 2018


On behalf of all the Stork’s Nest teachers and myself, we would like to wish you and your families a safe and happy New Year!


Child Outreach will be here screening the children that reside in West Warwick and are 3 years old or older on 1/16. They will also be here to screen the children that reside in Warwick and are 3 years or older on 1/25. Permission slips have gone out, please return them to the office as soon as possible.


Now that winter is upon us, during a winter storm, please check our website, or Channel 10 or 12 for any school closings.


Staff celebrating a birthday this month is Ms. Kaitlyn in Kindergarten on 1/29, Happy birthday.





This month infants will be working on cognitive development. We will also be working on social and emotional development by helping them develop the ability to express and regulate their emotions. We would also like to welcome Makayla, Grace, Avery, Adeline and Ezekiel to our room!


Classroom Special Events:  Blue day! Wear something blue on Wednesday, Jan. 17


Family Engagement Activity: Look out for sign language words that we will be working on in the classroom.







This month we will be working on cognitive development. Children skills increase at adjusting to changes in demands, priorities and perspectives. Children skills increase in filtering impulses and sustaining attention on a task.


Family Engagement Activity:  Where did your child’s name come from? Please write down how your child’s name came about and bring it to class.


Classroom Special Events:  This month we will be welcoming our new friends and their families to our room. Welcome, Jackson, Savannah, Mason, Isaac and Cooper


Happy birthday to… Cooper on 1/13 and Mason on 1/14!



Young Toddlers:


This month we will be work on physical health and motor development. Children will develop help skills such as using utensils when eating and washing their hands properly before each meal. We will also be working on social and emotional development.


Family Engagement Activity: ring in family pictures of your favorite winter activity for our family board


Classroom Special Event: Children will be encouraged to engage in positive relationships and interactions with other children. We will be working on this while introducing our new friends to the classroom.


Happy birthday to… Domenic on 1/22 and Frances on 1/22



Older Toddlers/Young 3s:


This month we will be working on social and emotional relationships with others. The children will be encouraged to develop relationships with the other children and adults. We will also be working on language. We will be doing this by working with children to use and understand descriptive words, follow 2 step directions and respond to questions.


Family Engagement Activity: New parents will be given an “All About Me” paper to fill out about their child.



Happy birthday to… Gavin on 1/5 and Logan on 1/5!





This month the children will learn to identify shapes, solve problems using shapes and explore the positions of objects in space. Children will also be encouraged to develop small-muscle control, strength and coordination.


Family Engagement Activity: Please bring in family photos of you enjoying a winter activity.


Happy birthday to… Logan on 1/5!






This month we will be learning about hibernation and animal habitats. We will also be learning about some of our famous Americans.


Family Engagement Activity: Draw a picture of a winter landscape.


Classroom Special Events: We will be making “going on a bear hunt” snack this month.


Happy birthday to… Everett on 1/1 and Tristan on 1/2!






This month we will be discussing hibernation, migration and adaptation of winter animals. We will also explore different fun winter activities such as the water cycle (will it freeze?, how long does it take to melt? and so on).


Family Engagement:  Your child will be given an animal and with your help, research if that animal migrates, hibernates or adapts. We will also be asking each child to bring in something where they can predict whether or not it will freeze.


Classroom Special Events The children will be encouraged to make simple predictions and plans to carry out investigations.


Happy birthday to… Jackson on 1/27!



K-Prep and Kindergarten:


Emergent Writing- Children will learn writing skills and show knowledge of writing conversations; they will demonstrate an understanding of writing as a means of communication. In math, children will learn to use numbers to compare quantities and solve problems.


Family Engagement Activity:  Hibernation Research Question: Each child will pick a question to research about hibernation. Please help him/her fill out the sheet and return it to the school once it is completed. The children will present their findings to the class. This will be due on 1/5


Classroom Special Events: The Mitten Play- On Friday, Jan. 26 at 3:00pm. The Kindergarten and K-Prep will be performing a rendition of Jan Bretts “The Mitten”, as well as a few of their favorite winter-themed songs. If you are able to attend please RSVP to Ms. Tynicka or Ms. Kaitlyn by Wed. Jan. 24.


Happy birthday to… Kodie on 1/31!



Here’s to another great month of learning and fun! Thank you for your continued help and support!