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January Newsletter Smithfield

January Newsletter Smithfield

Welcome to the month of Janaury!



We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. Welcome to the New Year!!



We will be closed January 1st for new years. We would like to wish these staff members a very Happy Birthday: 1/11- Miss Rhonda (crawlers), 1/21- Miss Alyssia (Pre-K), 1/22- Miss Carla (Older toddlers), 1/29- Miss Sabrina (Threes) and 1/30- Miss Rose (infants)




Infant Room A and B:


Children will develop self-help skills. Children will also develop trust in and engage positively with adults who are familiar and consistently present in children’s lives.



Family Engagement: What are your fun winter family traditions!



Classroom Special Events: We will be closed Jan 1st



Happy birthday to…  Grace 1/26




Infant Room C:


Children will express enjoyment while listening to music. Children will also smile when someone familiar smiles at them.



Family Engagement: Winter out.



Classroom Special Events: Make a snowman.




Crawler Room A and B:


Children will show interest in and an understanding of a variety of literacy experiences by exploring board books. Children will also engage in positive relationships and interactions with other children while participating in group activities.



Family Engagement: Bring in a favorite book to share with the class.



Happy birthday to… Miss Rhonda 1/11





Younger Toddlers A and B Room:



The children will be working on putting on and taking off their coats, hats and mittens. Children will also be exploring snow, what it feels like, does it have a smell and is it hot or cold.



Family Engagement: We will be sending home a square for you to decorate and bring back to put on our classroom igloo.




Younger Toddlers B Room:



Children will be drawing winter animals by making marks with crayons, paints etc. Children will also be exploring man-made and natural materials when we do snow painting.



Family Engagement: We will be sending home snowflakes to decorate with your child so we can add it to our snow pile.





Older Toddlers Room:


Children will participate in associative play with other children engaging in separate play activities while occasionally sharing toys or commenting on another child’s play. Children will also expand their vocabulary by asking others to name unfamiliar objects.



Family Engagement: Take a picture of your child wither playing in the snow or building a snowman with parent or sibling.



Happy birthday to… Jeremiah 1/9, Evelyn 1/22, Miss Carla 1/22, Sierra 1/27, George 1/30





Three’s Room:


Children will engage in structured and unstructured physical activity by doing some ABC yoga and indoor exercise. Children will also engage in positive relationships and interactions with other children.



Family Engagement: “If I were a snowman at night” Torn paper snowman project to do at home as a family and bring in for show and tell.



Classroom Special Events: Martin Luther King Day



Happy birthday to… 1/29 Miss Sabrina, 1/21 Miss Alyssia



Pre-K Classroom:


Children will understand the concept of time (past, present, future) and place through learning about American people and their importance. Children will also engage in positive relationships with others though initiating play and conversation with other children.




Family Engagement: Snowman creation



Happy birthday to. John 1/3





K-Prep Classroom:



Children will attend to, understand and respond to increasingly complex language as well as a range of topics and types of texts in English. Children will also develop writing and drawing skills.



Family Engagement: Decorating snowflakes to display. Book bags.



Classroom Special Events: Invite parents to read a MO Williams book.



Happy birthday to… Christiano 1/10
Here’s to another great month of learning and fun! Thank you for your continued help and support