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Keep Winter Germs at Bay!

Keep Winter Germs at Bay!


Young children have weaker immune systems. This means that they are more likely to be attacked by different diseases as compared to adults. This is made worse during the winter season. There are a lot of winter germs during this period. This is because of the cold weather and people keep their windows and doors closed. This may encourage the onset of these winter germs to increase as a result of the poor circulation of air. Cold and flu viruses also become very common.


However, there are various measures that parents can put in place to help keep the home free from germs and keep young children safe in the process.


1. Educate and encourage children on the need to wash their hands.

Children are fond of touching their faces noses and other surfaces which may have germs. Ensuring that they properly wash their hands to reduce the spread of germs within your home. This also reduces the incidences of infections.


2. Train the children on germ etiquette.

It is important for the children to keep away from other children who are sick or sneezing being that that can be an easy way to carry the germs that may cause diseases. Your children should sneeze while covering their nose to prevent the spread of the germs. After sneezing, the children should properly wash their hands.


3. Ensure there is adequate detergent to sanitize the hands.

This is to ensure that the parent together with the children are able to wash their hands the right way. This is a guarantee that you are able to kill germs that are collected from different surfaces.


4. Regularly clean the bed materials with hot water.


This helps to kill the germs accumulated while asleep. It also helps remove accumulated dust and insects which may create a conducive environment for multiplication of harmful germs.


5. Clean toilet clean properly.

This is probably the area that leads to the worst spread of germs during winter. It is important to clean it on a regular basis and keep the top closed when not in use.


6. Clean frequently used surfaces within the home.

Ensure surfaces such as tap faucets, countertops, sinks door knobs among other surfaces that children may touch are properly cleaned and disinfected. This ensures the safety of all the children.


7. Avoid contact with public surfaces that are frequently touched.


It is important that discourage the spread of winter germs within the home by avoiding contact with public surfaces that may be dirty. These include stairways, pens especially those used in banking halls, dirty walls among others. Where you or the children unknowingly touch them, it is important to clean your hands properly. This is to prevent spreading these germs in your home.


8. Allow for proper air circulation within the home.

This is because cold and flu viruses find it very easy to spread where there is inadequate circulation of fresh air.


9. Handle very young children properly.

Wash your hands before and after a nappy change, before feeding the child and before carrying the child. This ensures germs do not spread.


10. Teach children not to be so touchy.

Discourage children from frequently touching their nose, face, eyes as well as other dirty surfaces.

Keeping germs away from your home during winter is an effective way to prevent your family from dangerous infections. Apart from the precautions above, it is important to vaccinate yourself and the children from communicable diseases that may be caused by these winter germs.