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November Newsletter Smithfield

November Newsletter Smithfield

Welcome to the month of November!



We would like to wish our families a happy Thanksgiving! A fun and loving time spend with family and friends. Just a reminder that we are closed for Veterans Day on the 10th and for Thanksgiving on the 23rd and 24th. We would like to welcome to our Stork’s Nest Family at transfer from EG Ms. Miranda and Ms. Francesca in younger toddlers A.



We would like to wish these staff members a very Happy Birthday: 11/11 Ms. Veronica (floater), 11/23 Ms. Mariesa (PreK) and 11/24 Ms. Marion (crawlers)




Infant Room A and B:


Children will notice and discriminate the sounds of spoken language. Children will also gain an appreciation for and participation in the creative arts.



Family Engagement: Ask parents what they are thankful for.



Classroom Special Events: We will be closed November 10th, 23rd and 24th.



Happy birthday to…  Skyla 11/5





Infant Room C:


Children will reach for objects of interest and demonstrate interest in objects or people. Children will also begin to anticipate repetition, such as play a peek-a-boo game or hearing a familiar song each time they are diapered.



Family Engagement: What I’m thankful for…



Classroom Special Events: Turkey handprints



Happy birthday to… Giuliana 11/1!





Crawler Room A and B:


Children will develop self-help skills by using utensils at mealtime. Children will increase both receptive and outgoing language skills through learning simple signs.



Family Engagement: “What are you thankful for?” Write or draw what you are thankful for.



Classroom Special Events: Thanksgiving brunch November 22nd st





Younger Toddlers A and B Room:



Children will stack, then knock down towers, then stack them up again during free play. Children will point to and make sounds of familiar pictures, objects and characteristics in books during story time.



Family Engagement: We will be sending home a project for you to do with your child on what you are thankful for.



Classroom Special Events: Thanksgiving feast Wednesday, November 22nd.



Happy birthday to… Margaret 11/1






Older Toddlers Room:


Children will develop self-help skills. Children will show interest and an understanding of a variety of literacy experiences.



Family Engagement: We will give each family 3 construction paper leaves and ask that we write one thing they are thankful for on each one to be displayed in the classroom.



Classroom Special Events: Thanksgiving feast Nov 21st.



Happy birthday to… Shaley 11/15






Three’s Room:


Children will develop the confidence to complete an action successfully or independently. We will be assessing the children individually as they work on putting puzzles together. Children will also learn to identify shapes and their attributes and solve problems using shapes.



Family Engagement: Book bag library- Parents can sign out a book bag (contains: a book, a buddy and a note book)



Classroom Special Events: Thanksgiving lunch party





Pre-K Classroom:


Children will understand the concepts of time and place. We will understand the history of Thanksgiving and how it differs from the holiday as we know it today. Children will also attend to, understand and respond to increasingly complex language. The children will learn the concept of harvest and other related words.




Family Engagement: Eric Carle reading and what are you thankful for activity.



Classroom Special Events: Thanksgiving feast 11/22/17. Parents are invited to come in and read their favorite Eric Carle book all week 11/27-12/1.



Happy birthday to… Ms. Mariesa 11/23






K-Prep Classroom:



Children will hold information in their mind and manipulate it to perform tasks. Children will also understand concepts of time.



Family Engagement: “Thankful” leaves to bring in for our thankful tree.



Classroom Special Events: Thanksgiving feast (TBD)



Happy birthday to… Travis 11/4, Liyana 11/19!