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October Newsletter East Greenwich


Welcome to the month of October!


This month is filled with special activities!


The Pre-K and Kindergarten apple picking field trip has been rescheduled to Wednesday Oct. 4th.


The bus will be here at 9:00 to pick up the children and they will be returning at noon to have lunch at the school.


We will be closed on Monday, Oct. 9th for Columbus day.


We will be having our Open House on Wednesday, Oct.11 from 5:15 to 6:15.  Please feel free to stop by, see your child’s classroom, learn about the structure of the classroom and any assessments used, and have the opportunity to talk to your child’s lead teacher.


On Thursday, Oct. 12, the Flu Clinic will be here for teachers and parents that would like to get a flu shot.  The clinic will be here at 3:00.


Fiddle N Fun will be here on Tuesday Oct. 17 putting on a music show for the children in 3s through the Kindergarten classroom.  Permission slips have gone out, please return them by Friday 13.


On Friday, Oct. 20th, we will be having our annual Pink Day.  This day is set aside to help bring awareness to breast cancer. We will be having our bake sale to help raise money to fight this cause. The older classrooms, in the afternoon, will help sell the bake items. Please feel fee to stop by and purchase a special treat for a good cause.


Throughout the month of October the Crawler room will be holding a coat drive for the needy.  If you have any winter coats that you are no longer using or your children have grown out of them, please feel free to drop them off for the coat drive. The boxes will be in the Crawler room and in the main foyer.


Every classroom will be celebrating Halloween on Tuesday Oct. 31.  Children can come dressed in their costumes.  Please no masks, swords, or  weapons of any kind.  Please also bring in a change of clothes for the children to change into before lunch. We want to try to keep all of their Halloween costumes in good condition for the big night!



Celebrating a birthday this month is Ms. Lori in young 4s on 10/2, Ms. Danielle in Infants on 10/6 and Ms. Tynicka in Kindergarten on 10/24! Happy Birthday!!






This month we will encourage our infants to continue working on their cognitive development skills and on social and emotional development.


Family Engagement Activity: Look out for our Sign Language take home words.  We have been working on the words “more” and “all done”.


Classroom Special Events:  We will be having a Halloween Pajama party on 10/31! Wear your favorite Halloween pajamas.


Happy birthday to… Declan on 10/5 and Henry on 10/7!







This month children will continue to work on the developing of small muscle control, strength and coordination. We have a few friends learning to walk, and learning to use toys with wheels and how to balance.  We will also continue to work and social and emotional development. Children develop the confidence to complete an action successfully or independently.


Family Engagement Activity:  We ask our families to look through their closets for coats that don’t fit anymore. Please consider donating them to our classroom coat drive. We will donate them to charity, which in turn they will distribute to needy families.


Classroom Special Events:  October is breast cancer awareness month.  We will be making a pink ribbon for families to sign.  We will be having a Halloween party on 10/31. Please see our sign up sheet for the party in the classroom.






This month we will continue to work on social and emotional development. The children will develop the confidence to complete and action successfully or independently.  We will be working on washing hands by ourselves accompanied by a teacher.  In physical health and motor, our goal is to engage children in structured and unstructured activities.  We will practice this by following simple “Simon Says” moves, such as stand with fee apart, and sway to the sound of music.


Family Engagement Activity: Families please send in pictures of your family enjoying a Fall related activity.


Classroom Special Event: Halloween party on 10/31.





Older Toddlers/Young 3s:


This month in math we will be working on counting to 10. We will also be working on recognizing colors and sorting objects by common attributes.


Family Engagement Activity: Our Halloween party will be on 10/31, each family that would like to participate, please bring in a creative Halloween dish.


Classroom Special Events: This month the children will help in carving a pumpkin and help in making Crockpot apples.







This month in health and safety, we will be learning about fire safety. In science we will be learning about all of the changes that the Fall season will bring.


Family Engagement Activity: Please bring in a photo of your child for their cubby and a family photo for our board.


Classroom Special Events: We will be making edible spiders. Halloween party on 10/31.







This month we will be learning about Fire Safety and on what is considered and unsafe situation.  In science, we will be learning about the changes that happens in nature during the Fall season.


Family Engagement Activity: draw your fire drill safety plan for home.


Classroom Special Events: Halloween party on 10/31.


Happy birthday to… Cameron on 10/14!







This month we will explore the changes in the season, investigate the properties of nature and provide simple descriptions for science.  We will also be discussing about fire safety, and how to stay safe from strangers.  In social studies, the children will be learning about their community helpers and how important they are in our community.


Classroom Special Events:  Halloween party on 10/31, please check our sign up list.



Happy birthday to… Lillianna on 10/9!





K-Prep and Kindergarten:


This month we will continue to work on our physical health and motor development and on literacy with phonological awareness.  


Family Engagement Activity:  10/4 Apple picking field trip at Narrow Lane Orchard. Please be at the school by 8:30 as we will leave promptly at 9:00 for the field trip. Chaperones are welcome to join us but must travel in their own vehicles and meet us at the orchard.


Classroom Special Events: Open House 10/11- come join us for a Q&A session and a closer look into the Kindergarten classroom. 10/17- Fiddle N Fun music show. Apple Fiesta- we will be taste testing and baking various types of apple treats. Please see Ms. Tynicka or Ms. Kaitlyn if you would like to contribute.


Happy birthday to… Alexis on 10/5 and Anna on 10/18