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October Newsletter Smithfield


Welcome to the month of October!



We would like to welcome to our Stork’s Nest Family Miss Jessica!!



We would also like to wish all of our families a Happy Halloween!!




Infant Room A and B:


Children will engage in positive relationships and interactions with other children. Children will also develop traveling skills.



Family Engagement: Ask families to decorate a pumpkin.



Classroom Special Events: We will be closed Oct 9th and Oct 31st Halloween costume day.



Happy birthday to… Avery 10/21!





Infant Room C:


Children will pat, shake or hit objects. Children will also respond to visual stimulation in their environment.



Family Engagement: Make a pumpkin.



Classroom Special Events: Handprint pumpkins



Happy birthday to… Corbin 10/1, Lev 10/2!





Crawler Room A and B:


Children’s skills increase in filtering impulses and sustaining attention on a task by doing yoga and other structure activities. Children will also gain appreciation for and participate in the creative arts by creating projects with different materials.



Family Engagement: Decorate a pumpkin.



Classroom Special Events: Halloween party- Oct 31st





Younger Toddlers A and B Room:



Children will engage in positive interactions with other children when we as a class will be cleaning out the insides of a pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern. Children will also practice turning the pages of books and pointing to familiar pictures while being read a story each day at storytime.



Family Engagement: We will be sending home a pumpkin for you to decorate with your child and return to make a pumpkin patch.



Classroom Special Events: Apple stamping, carving a pumpkin, and creating a pumpkin patch.



Happy birthday to… Aaron 10/19, Ryan 10/20, Ava 10/23!






Older Toddlers Room:


Children will develop an awareness of themselves as an individual with unique thoughts, feelings and perspectives. Children will also attend to understand and respond to increasingly complex language.



Family Engagement: Decorate a paper pumpkin with your child.



Classroom Special Events: Fall Party (Halloween party) Tues Oct 31st.



Happy birthday to… Elijah 10/27!






Three’s Room:


Children will engage in positive relationships and interactions with other children. We will be playing learning games and pair children up. Children will also explore the characteristics of objects and materials that are living, non-living, man-made or naturally occurring.



Family Engagement: Create a scarecrow using shapes, due Oct 15th



Classroom Special Events: Halloween Party Oct 31st (wear your costume)



Happy birthday to… Julia 10/6, Miles 10/20!






Pre-K Classroom:


Children will attend to, understand and respond to increasingly complex language. Children will also hold information in their mind and manipulate it to perform tasks.




Family Engagement: Fire Safety checklist and making a jack-o-lantern.



Classroom Special Events: Closed for Columbus Day and Halloween party Oct 31st!



Happy birthday to… Aria 10/10!






K-Prep Classroom:



Children will demonstrate independence in personal self-care skills. Children will also become more comfortable and confident with holding a regular pencil using an “adult grip”



Family Engagement: Leaf Bag and Book bags



Classroom Special Events: Field trip to the pumpkin patch and Halloween party!



Happy birthday to… Aadarsh 10/1, Nathanial 10/4, Ella 10/30!