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How To Prepare Your Child For Reading Success

How To Prepare Your Child For Reading Success


The primary goal of learning how to read for a child is not merely the recognition of letters and their sounds but understanding their meaning as well. The best way of preparing your child for reading success is introducing him or her to reading long before formal schooling begins.


Children who have experienced the stimulation of being read to by someone at an early age have shown a development in strong vocabulary and an awareness that is not evident in children who were not read to at an early age. Diction and pronunciation are more easily absorbed and mastered by children who are frequently read to when they are young. This article is going to take you through three basic techniques of how you can prepare your child for reading early success.


1. Start reading to your child early and often


When your child is at the developmental stage of being able to understand what you are doing, start reading to him or her as often as possible. During the early years of a child, four months to six years, the brain is able to pick and adapt to certain traits and develop them into a habit.


Reading to your child in the early years and following along with your finger as you are reading each word will help them realize how the words look like, the sounding and that you are moving from left to right.


Having a mini kids library in your home will also help foster a love of stories and reading that would last a lifetime. However, you should make sure that this process is fun and playful if you want your child to ultimately enjoy reading.



2. Teach your child the alphabet song


When you teach you child to sing along to the alphabet song, they would begin to learn the individual names of letters and the order they follow. Singing is one of the best ways to keep your child open to receiving new information.


If this practice is repeated often and on a daily basis, your child would begin to memorize the alphabet which forms the baseline of learning how to read. You should also make sure that they see the shape of each letter as they sing the alphabets, this will help them to differentiate between the capital and lower case letters.



3. Have alphabet toys around the house


Having alphabet toys is another good way of grasping your child’s attention into reading. You can even get the alphabet toys that says the name of the letter to make it even more fun.


Have your child play with the letters as often as possible, even during bath time. From time to time you can also play fun games with your child and the letters, for instance you can be hiding some of them and ask him or her to find it and ask them to pronounce the sound it makes.