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East Greenwich News, April 2017

East Greenwich News, April 2017

Welcome to the month of April! Welcome to the month of April Everyone! This month the children in young 4s up to the Kindergarten room, will be able to participate in a fun music class that will allow them to perform with fiddlesticks. The Fiddle and Fun Concert will be held on Monday April 3rd. Permission slips have already gone out.


Kindergarten will not be taught the week of April 17 – April 21 for Spring break. However the center will be open it’s normal hours and there will be camp activities available for the Kindergarten children.


Our Spring Scholastic Book Fair will be held the week of April 24 through April 29. Please stop by and check out all the great books available. Every book purchased gives the school points towards new books for each classroom.


Please check the parent boards in your child’s classroom for any special activities being planned for the room, or any illness that may be going around. Please remember to check your child’s take home folder for any special papers or art work that needs to go home. Last but not least, if you have a new work number, or cell phone number please let me know to update your child’s file and to be able to get a hold of you when needed. Thank You.




This month we will be working on expressive language and using increasingly complex vocabulary, such as “mama”, “dada” and so on. This month we will also be exploring science. We will explore the characteristics of objects and materials that are living, non-living, man made or naturally occurring.


Family Engagement Activity: All About Me, family take home project.


Classroom Special Events: Easter Party on 4/14, wear your favorite Easter colors.


Happy 1st Birthday to Aiden on 4/15 and Connor on 4/26!




This month we are going to work on self help skills such as feeding ourselves with a spoon or fork. We will also work on being able to distinguish between wet and dry and hot and cold.


Family Engagement Activity: This month we are creating a “comfy food” cookbook as a family.


Happy 1st birthday to: Lucas on 3/3 and Kian on 3/28!!


Classroom Special Events: Easter Egg Hunt on Friday, April 14 and Pajama day


Happy 1st birthday to Joseph on 4/4 and Alden on 4/15!


Young Toddlers:


This month we will be working on understanding and experiencing different literacy and vocabulary experiences such as singing songs, reading to the children and fingerplays. We will also work on cognitive development such as being able to sustain attention on tasks and increase in filtering impulses.


Family Engagement Activity: Bring in photos of your family doing a fun spring activity such as painting Easter eggs, flying a kite and so on.


Classroom Special Events: Easter Party and Egg Hunt on Friday April 14.


Happy Birthday to Sofia on 4/3 and Andrew on 4/7!


Older Toddlers / Young 3’s:


This month we will work on cognitive development and being able to follow 2 step directions. In science will continue to learn how solids and liquids change while cooking and experiment with different cooking projects.


Family Engagement Activity: Please allow yourself extra time in the morning on Wed., April 12 to take part in our Easter Egg hunt with your child.


Classroom Special Events: We will be cooking alphabet mystery pasta.


3’s Preschool:


This month we will be learning about keeping the earth clean and learning about living and non-living things through exploration of backyard animals. We will also learn about past vs. present through learning about dinosaurs and how different the earth was when they roamed the earth.


Family Engagement Activity: Easter Egg Craft. We will be sending home a blank Easter Egg cut out for you and your child to decorate as a family any way you choose and bring back to school to show the class


Classroom Special Events: Classroom Easter Egg Hunt on 4/13, (rain date 4/14) and Easter brunch on 4/14.


Happy Birthday to Owen on 4/15!.


Young 4’s:


This month we will be learning about dinosaurs and how they lived. April is also “keeping me safe month”. We will be talk about how to stay safe in a car, boat, home, school and how not to talk to strangers.


Family Engagement Activity: Take home Easter Bunny craft to bring back and decorate our classroom.


Classroom Special Events; April 14, we will be having a Easter Brunch for lunch and a Easter Egg Hunt!


Happy birthday to Henry on April 1st and Sophia on April 8!




This month we will be exploring the extinct world of dinosaurs and learn about their habitats. We will also be working on our dinosaur diorama. The children will also be exploring our earth and how we can keep it clean to demonstrate and understand why it is so important.


Family Engagement Activity: The students will pick their favorite dinosaur and research at home what type of dinosaur it is and what it eats.


Classroom Special Events: On April 13 we will be having an Easter breakfast and an Easter Egg Hunt.


Happy birthday to Sophia on 4/6, Lily on 4/12, Willow on 4/16 and Raegan on 4/27!




This month we will continue to explore scientific concepts such as different characteristics of objects and materials that are living and non living. In social studies the students will continue to gain awareness of how they relate to their families, community, understand social roles and responsibilities and recognize and respect similarities and differences.


Family Engagement Activity: Take home and return- Family of the Sun Activity pack. We will be starting our dinosaur diorama in May and we will need a medium to large sized shoe box for each child. Please send one in by April 30. Thank you.


Classroom Special Events: 4/3 is Fiddle and Fun concert. Easter Egg Hunt (outdoors) on Friday 4/14. Owl research question – each child will choose a question to research pertaining to owls. This will be due on April 7 as we will present during the week of April 10.


Happy birthday to Jacqueline on 4/18!