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The Stork’s Nest, July News, Warwick


The Stork’s Nest, July News, Warwick

Welcome to the month of July!


We will be closed Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th for the holiday!  We hope you enjoy your time!


Summer Events for July


July 6th– Ice Cream Truck


July 10th– Ice Cream Truck


July 11th– Biomes Field Trip (4’s and K-Prep)


July 12th– Bouncy House


July 13th– Mastery of Martial Arts


July 14th– Kona Ice


July 17th– Fiddle n’ Fun


July 19th– Ice Cream Truck


July 20th– Mastery of Martial Arts


July 27th– Yoga Class


July 28th– Mastery of Martial Arts/Ice Cream Truck




This month our younger infants will be experiencing creative water play on the mat and with buckets of water, squeeze toys and splashing fun!  Our older infants will be playing at our water tables for some splish splashing summer fun!!


Family Engagement- We are asking that all families bring in some little swim diapers for water play!  We appreciate it!!




This month our goals will focus on social and emotional development.  The children will develop the confidence to complete an action successfully or independently.  We will also focus on science as the children explore and manipulate objects to see what happens or how things work.


Family Engagement– Please bring in one or two family pictures that can be laminated and hung on our family wall!  We would like the children to have the opportunity throughout the day to see their families.


Happy Birthday to… Natalia C. 7/13 Enjoy your day!


Younger Toddlers-


This month we will focus on language development.  We will be teaching the children “simple sign language words” one each week.  We will also focus on science. We will be using water tables outside with different textures and sensory objects inside.  The children will learn to plan for and carry out investigations and to collect, evaluate, and communicate information.


Family Engagement- Please draw/create your favorite summertime activity!  Beach, playground, pool, etc.  Please bring your creation back so we can display on our board.


Happy Birthday to..  Giovanna 7/16, Lilla 7/26, Ivan 7/26, Lily 7/30, and Charlotte 7/31. Enjoy your day!


Older Toddlers-


This month we will focus on social and emotional development as the children transition to a new class and become familiar with the new teachers and schedule.  The children will also be exploring water and the outdoors.


Special Events- 7/14 we will be having a Teddy Bear Picnic.  Please pack a cold lunch and bring your favorite stuffed animal to school!


Family Engagement- We are asking that each family bring in some family photos for us to display in our classroom!


Happy Birthday to… Colby 7/5, Aarav 7/28 and Ms. Deanna 7/29. Enjoy your day!


3’s Preschool-


This month we will begin to focus on social studies as the children demonstrate awareness of their daily routine and rules for different contexts.  We will begin also to focus on social and emotional development and self-regulation by helping the class develop confidence to complete an action successfully or independently.


Family Engagement- A scavenger hunt is being sent home in cubbies!  Please return your work so we can post in our classroom and discuss during morning meeting time!


4’s Pre-K-


We are excited to start our summer season and try new things!  As we welcome new friends to our classroom, we will be establishing new relationships with other friends.  We will also be trying new routines and transitions as a group to increase the children’s skills at adjusting to changes in demand, priorities and perspectives.


Classroom special Events- Our complete list of summer activities went home at the end of June.  Please refer to the list for more information and submit payment to the office.  Please also remember that the ice cream truck and Kona Ice are cash only!  Thank you!!


Family Engagement- This month we will be learning about the American flag and talking about the colors of our country, red, white, and blue.  On Friday, July 7th, we will be having show and tell.  We are asking that your child wear their favorite red, white, and blue clothes and bring something red, white, or blue from home to share with the class!


Happy Birthday to… Serenity 7/4 and Dotti 7/19. Enjoy your day!



Here’s to another month of learning and fun!

Thank you for your continued support!!!