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Tips for end-of-day pick up


Tips for end-of-day pick up

Along with drop of routines, pick up routines are just as vital to create a good experience for both you and your child[ren]. It’s ironic that after crying and not wanting to be dropped off that we are also faced with our children not wanting to be picked up at the end of the day, but it’s another thing that all parents go through.



After a long day at work, the last thing an exausted parent wants to do is to have a pick up battle with a child who isn’t ready to leave playtime with friends. As your child is happy to see you, sometimes it can be hard to pry them from their friends at daycare at the end of the day. Has your child experienced this fear of missing out?



Here are some tips for making that end of day child care routine a little easier:



  • Pack a snack in the car. As simple as this may sound this is the best quickest easiest way to divert your child’s attention and direct it to another place. This is a universal tip that has been shared across moms all around.



  • Take a moment to connect with the teachers. It is very important to understand how your child’s day went. This can make the pick up much easier if you know what went on all day in your child’s world.



  • Along with drop off tips, definitely allow yourself time not to be in a rush. It can be very impactful if you’re in a rush to get your child packed up and out the door.



  • Talk to them about whats going to go on at home. If there is someone or something for them to be looking forward to at home it will distract them from the fact that they are leaving their friends.



  • Have a plan and stick with it. If you’re planing to let your child stick around and play for 10 minutes then that’s great. Don’t let your child decide when it’s time too leave. If they feel they are in control of the situation, pick ups will begin to get harder and harder.