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Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has finally arrived and, although it doesn’t quite feel like it just yet, the days are getting longer, birds have started chirping, and flowers are about to bloom. Get yourself in the mood for warmer weather this month!


Plant Something!


Whether it’s an organic platform garden or some daffodil bulbs from the local hardware store, planting things can really get you in the mood for Spring. There is something about getting our hands dirty that makes us feel like we are nurturing Mother Earth. Plant some seedlings and keep them indoors for a few weeks or wait until late April/early May to plant some bulbs. Dirty hands not for you? Throw on some gardening gloves and try this fun activity with the kiddos:


Grass Heads


Materials: Old pair of nylons (or a new pair if you must), grass seed, soil, small plastic containers (empty yogurt containers, baby food jars, etc.), elastic bands, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and a spray bottle.




  1. Cut nylon at the knee
  2. Scoop in 1 tbsp. grass seed
  3. Scoop in preferred amount of soil . You want enough so that when it is compacted it will be about the size of a softball.
  4. Work the soil down to foot of nylon into shape of a head.
  5. Tie the open end of the nylon tight (snip excess nylon and leave about 3 inches).
  6. Place grass head on top of small container leaving the excess 3 inches dangling into the container
  7. Pour in 1/2 inch of water in bottom of the container every couple of days.
  8. Spray water gently over grass seeds on top 2 times each day.




  1. Have the children pinch the soil through the nylon to make it easy to tie an elastic around for ears and nose.
  2. Super glue on googly eyes.
  3. Make glasses out of pipe cleaners
  4. You can literally WATCH THE GRASS GROW! Water daily and let the children enjoy creating their own grass head hairdos.


Fly a Kite!


Rhode Island offers many different places to fly kites from the beach to public parks or, if you are lucky enough, even your own backyard. You can purchase kites in a variety of different qualities, price ranges, and styles. I buy a bunch of the cheap ones every spring and keep them in my car for spontaneous kite flying adventures. You would not believe the number of times they have come in handy! Make sure to stay clear of power lines and trees, Charlie Brown!


Read about it!


Your local library and bookstores are full of great books about Spring. From tales of the Easter Bunny to stories about gardening, April showers, May flowers, and baby animals. Some of my favorite Spring books include:

  • “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle
  • “The Bunny Rabbit Show!” by Sandra Boynton
  • “Growing Vegetable Soup” by Lois Ehlert
  • “When Spring Comes” by Kevin Henkes
  • “I See Spring” by Charles Ghigna