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Stork’s Nest Child Academy Warwick, April 2017

Stork’s Nest Child Academy Warwick, April 2017

Welcome to the Month of April! We would like to wish all of our families a Happy Easter! Thank you to all of our families who came out to our family night! It was a great success!




This month we will be working with our younger infants on muscle control, strength and coordination. We will be working on rolling over, grasping toys, and sitting up. We will also be working with our older infants on traveling skills, such as crawling and walking. We will be encouraging babies to pull up and stand.


We are asking our parents to bring in a family photo for us to use on our spring board!


Family Engagement- We are extending our invitation to our parents/grandparents to come in and read to the babies! If you would like to do so, please let us know!


Happy Birthday to…. Christian 3/25! Enjoy your day!




This month we will focus on Literacy. The children will demonstrate book awareness of basic print conventions. They will work on understanding that print carries meaning and spoken words are represented by text.


Special Events- We will be working on some special Easter Projects this month!


Family Engagement- During our literacy and language unit this month, we are asking that you send in a favorite book that we can read to the class!


Happy Birthday to…Abel- 4/11


Young Toddlers:


This month we will focus on science. The children will explore the characteristics of objects and materials that living, nonliving and manmade. They will explore spring plant life outside (flowers, grass, etc.) We will also focus on gross motor development as we work on doing morning yoga with the children. This is a great way to develop large muscle control, strength, and coordination.


Special Events- This month we will be having a Spring Tea Party! More information to come!

Family Engagement- This month we will be sending home an Egg Shape for you to decorate with your child. Please bring it back for us to display in our classroom!


Happy Birthday to…Aldric 4/3, Raquel 4/6


Older Toddlers:


This month we will be focusing on physical health and motor development. We will be working on outdoor safety rules with our friends. The children will become increasingly able to identify unsafe situations. We will also work on fine motor skills as the children work on developing small muscles in hands and fingers by painting, coloring, etc.


Special Events- Easter party 4/14


We will also be dyeing Easter Eggs with our friends!


Family Engagement- We will be sending home an Egg Shape for you to decorate and bring back so we can display in our classroom!


Happy Birthday to… Aubrey A. 4/26 Enjoy your day!


3’s preschool:


This month we will focus on science. We will learn to compare and contrast properties of physical objects and observe/identify natural materials. We will also focus on social studies. The children will engage in pretend play and act out different settings or events that happen at home and identify differences between them and others.


Special Events- We will be having an Easter egg hunt on 4/16. We will also be coloring and decorating eggs! Look for a signup sheet and more details to follow!


Family Engagement- Earth Day scavenger hunt- The children will be sent home with a list of scavenger hunt items to find and bring in. These findings will be discussed during our morning meetings and displayed throughout the classroom!


Happy Birthday to… Avika 4/2 and Brynn 4/25 Enjoy your day!


4’s Preschool:


This month we will be focusing on creative arts and science. During our unit on dinosaurs, we will be constructing an actual erupting volcano from newspaper and a plastic soda bottle! The children will learn to plan for and carry out investigations and collect, evaluate and communicate information. The children will also gain an appreciation for and participate in the creative arts as we use everyday recycled materials to create amazing works of art.


Special Events- Happy Spring! Please be sure to update your child’s extra clothes. Every child should have 2 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of underwear. Please also remember your child needs to come to school dressed for outdoor play every day. Our playground can be very wet this time of year. Please feel free to leave an extra pair of shoes or boots at school for your child to wear outside.


Family Engagement- We are looking for as many recycled materials as possible. Anything you would normally throw in your recycling bin, we will be excited to use for “recycle art”. Ms. Jessica will be posting a list of any and all recycle materials for families to donate.


Happy Birthday to… Riley 4/9 and Leandro 4/15 Enjoy your day!


Here’s to another great month of learning and fun! Thank you for your continued help and support!